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Myles Walker and Susie Webb are recent former Judicial Registrars of the Federal Circuit Family Court of Australia (FCFCoA).  Combined, we have more than three and a half decades of experience in the family law sector, both previously working in pre-eminent and boutique family law practices, as well as in academia before joining the Court.

With extensive family law experience – and both being nationally accredited mediators, we guide parties through a professional, dignified and compassionate mediation process, with an evaluative element – where appropriate.

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Our mediation team

Susie Webb, Mediator at Walker Webb

Susie Webb

Myles Walker, Mediator at Walker Webb

Myles Walker

Our mediation services

Full day mediation

Full day mediation is inclusive of separate day pre mediation conferences and two hours of preparation.

Half day mediation

Half day mediation is inclusive of separate day pre mediation conferences and two hours of preparation.

Co-Mediation with a Child Expert

Full day mediation with a child expert is inclusive of pre mediation conferences and two hours of preparation.

Property mediation

< $750k

We offer property mediation at a reduced rate for property pools of less than $750,000 (according to AIFLAM offerings).

Child-focused practitioners taking a collaborative & compassionate approach

Family law mediation is designed to create a safe space for disputes to be resolved. Our mediation practitioners understand the emotional and financial challenges that family law disputes can bring, and our goal is to provide a mediation experience that benefits both parties and is based on impartiality and care for both people and their circumstances.

We take a collaborative approach, where we communicate with both parties to understand their unique perspectives. Then, with compassion, we guide your mediation to a child and future-focused agreement that benefits both parties.

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Our balanced and caring approach

As family lawyers with extensive experience working both as lawyers in practice and as Judicial Registrar’s within the Family Law Court, we have a deep and unique perspective as to the impact litigation has on families. We draw on our unique perspectives to assist parties to formulate the best possible solutions which deliver long lasting and positive results with a minimum of stress and cost.  

We are pragmatic, empathetic and skilled at neutrally assisting parties reach resolutions in all disputes about family law. We are well known for our balanced and caring approach.  

We understand that separation is an emotionally difficult time, especially where children are involved.  If there are medical and learning challenges for children we draw on our extensive experiences in dealing with these complex matters to assist with solutions that consider the uniqueness of the circumstances.

In complex parenting matters we also offer the services of a child expert to be involved in mediation to ensure parents have social science expertise available to them when making decisions. A strength of mediation is its ability to prevent the escalation of conflict and empower parties by offering them certainty and self-determined resolutions.  

We offer an Evaluative Model in mediation

Partner with Walker Webb and experience the advantages of family law mediation with our expert team. Let us help you achieve amicable resolutions for you or your family law clients while saving time, money, and emotional strain.

Our lawyers, Myles and Susie, who come with decades of experience in family law and mediation, offer an Evaluative Model in our mediation services. It sees us take more of an active role, bringing perspective and outside views to the conversation. 

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Getting started is easy

Step 1

Get started by booking online. All you need to do is follow our online booking portal’s prompts. 

Step 2

Mediation Agreement

Complete a short questionnaire about the parties and issues to be discussed and sign a mediation agreement.

Step 3

Pre Mediation Conference​

Each party will have a separate and confidential one-hour pre mediation conference. Here, you’ll learn about the mediation process and answer questions about the dispute.

You will be able to ask questions and provide us with information that you believe is relevant at this stage.

Step 4


Meeting at the agreed time and location, mediation will take place in either one room with a joint conference or separate rooms with a shuttle mediation, dependent on your needs.

This process can also take place via Zoom.

Step 5


The key purpose of mediation is to ensure parties walk away with a mediation agreement in place. This document reflects what you have agreed to.

Family law and mediation articles

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Confused about the pre action procedures that are required by the Court? Here’s what you need to know.  

The pre-action procedures are the things that parties are required to attend to before filing an Application in the Federal Circuit Family Court of Australia.

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