What is mediation?

Mediation is a confidential process where a trained mediator assists parties to isolate the issues in dispute, develop options and consider alternatives to reach a resolution.  It is a dispute resolution process which empowers parties to come to a mutually satisfactory solution with the assistance and guidance of the mediator.

There are broadly 2 different types of mediation, Facilitative mediation   and Evaluative mediation .

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Our mediation services

Full day mediation

Full day mediation is inclusive of separate day pre mediation conferences and two hours of preparation.

Half day mediation

Half day mediation is inclusive of separate day pre mediation conferences and two hours of preparation.

Co-Mediation with a Child Expert

Full day mediation with a child expert is inclusive of pre mediation conferences and two hours of preparation.

Property mediation

< $750k

We offer property mediation at a reduced rate for property pools of less than $750,000 (according to AIFLAM offerings).

Facilitative mediation 

This is the most common model of mediation.  In this model the mediator does not express a view.  They facilitate a discussion between the parties and encourage the parties to explore each other’s needs and interests with the view to coming to a mutual agreement, based on sharing information and understanding each other’s point of view.  

Evaluative Model mediation

This is a more robust model of mediation where the mediator takes a more active role in exploring the options available to the parties. 

The evaluative model encompasses some evaluation of the positions adopted by the parties and evaluation of any proposals made for settlement.

If evaluative mediation is considered by the mediator to be of assistance, they will discuss that with the parties (and any legal representatives) before providing the evaluation. 

Mediators do not give legal advice and their view cannot be taken as advice.  Parties are always encouraged to obtain their own advice before taking further steps.  

Benefits of mediation

Mediation offers many benefits to parties undergoing separation including:

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